Best Personal Loans
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In the pursuit of finding the right personal loan that suits varying financial needs, we’ve meticulously reviewed and handpicked the top lenders across multiple credit profiles.

Best Personal Loans:

  1. LightStream Personal Loan: Best for excellent credit
    • Offers some of the most competitive rates available for borrowers with excellent credit scores.
    • Keep in mind: High credit score requirements (minimum 660).
  2. Service Credit Union Personal Loan: Best for customer support
    • Known for exceptional customer support and rapid fund disbursement.
    • Note: Membership requirements might be necessary for eligibility.
  3. SoFi Personal Loan: Best for fair credit
    • Accepts a lower credit score of 680, providing forbearance options in case of job loss during repayment.
    • Watch out for: Relatively high minimum income requirement.
  4. PenFed Credit Union Personal Loan: Best for small loan amounts
    • Suitable for borrowers seeking smaller loans, starting from as low as $600.
    • Membership requirements might be applicable for loan disbursement.
  5. Avant Personal Loan: Best for low credit
    • Tailored for borrowers with credit scores as low as 600, offering loan options when faced with credit challenges.
    • Note: Higher administrative fees and interest rates for lower credit scores.
  6. Upstart Personal Loan: Best for borrowers with limited credit history
    • Offers a flexible approach for borrowers with limited credit history.
  7. Wells Fargo Personal Loan: Best for flexible terms
    • Provides adaptable terms for borrowers seeking greater flexibility.

In-Depth Reviews on Best Personal Loans:

Our assessments dive deep into each lender’s offerings, outlining their strengths, unique features, and areas to consider when choosing a personal loan.

From exceptional customer service to tailored options for various credit profiles, our reviews aim to assist in your quest for the ideal personal loan.

Upstart Personal Loan

Upstart stands out for its unique underwriting process, considering not only credit scores but also employment and education history to determine loan eligibility and interest rates.

However, borrowers should note the potential for relatively high origination fees and late payment charges, which can impact overall loan proceeds.

Wells Fargo Personal Loan

Wells Fargo offers personal loans with lower interest rates, smaller minimum borrowing amounts, and shorter payoff terms compared to many competitors. It’s an attractive option for those seeking quick debt consolidations.

Yet, it’s essential to consider Wells Fargo’s history with data security and compliance issues.

Other Personal Loans Considered

  • Discover Personal Loans: With a minimum credit score requirement of 660 and comparable APRs to other lenders, Discover might suit various borrowers, but those with better credit may find more competitive rates elsewhere.
  • LendingClub Personal Loan: LendingClub, requiring a minimum credit score of 600, offers accessibility but charges late fees that can escalate borrowing costs significantly.
  • Prosper Personal Loan: Prosper, despite a 640 minimum credit score requirement, imposes fees that affect its appeal, including late payment charges.

Personal Loans Lender Trustworthiness

Whether you’re considering a smaller or larger loan, choosing a reliable provider can significantly impact your loan approval experience.

Organizations like the Better Business Bureau evaluate lenders based on consumer protection, responsiveness to complaints, advertising honesty, and transparency in business practices.

Checking such ratings can aid in selecting a trustworthy lender.

BBB Ratings of Top Personal Loan Lenders

Here are the Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings for our selected lenders:

  • LightStream Personal Loan: A+
  • SoFi Personal Loan: A+
  • Wells Fargo Personal Loan: F
  • Avant Personal Loan: A
  • PenFed Credit Union Personal Loan: A+
  • Service Credit Union Personal Loan: A+
  • Upstart Personal Loan: A+

All top picks, except Wells Fargo, have BBB ratings of A or higher. However, a high BBB score doesn’t guarantee a flawless relationship with a lender. Conduct thorough research and seek insights from others who’ve used the company for comprehensive information.

The BBB gave Wells Fargo an F rating due to the business’s lack of response to 24 complaints and government actions against it.

The most recent incident involved a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau order in December 2022, instructing Wells Fargo to refund $2 billion to customers and pay a $1.7 billion penalty for legal violations in auto loans, mortgages, and deposit accounts.

The bank illicitly charged fees and interest penalties on these loans and mishandled customer payments.

If Wells Fargo’s history concerns you, consider opting for another personal loan lender from our list.

Choosing the Best Personal Loans

To select the ideal lender, prioritize factors important to you. While many focus on the lowest interest rates, consider fees, minimum credit score requirements, and the accessibility of customer service before applying for personal loans.

Explore different lender types—online, credit unions, or banks—to align with your comfort level. Ensure the lender permits your loan’s purpose and offers a suitable term length.

Guides like this assist in comparing lenders, but individual reviews offer crucial insights. Thoroughly read reviews of any lenders under consideration.

Our Methodology

In our reviews and guides, we rate personal loan products on a 1-5 scale using a weighted average of seven categories, each with varying importance:

  • Interest rate: 20%
  • Fees: 20%
  • Term lengths and loan amounts: 15%
  • Funding speed: 15%
  • Borrower accessibility: 15%
  • Customer support: 7.5%
  • Ethics: 7.5%

Rates and fees weigh most heavily due to their direct impact on loan costs, while customer support and ethics, though important, influence the borrowing experience differently and thus have a lesser impact on the overall rating.


In the realm of personal loans, the landscape is vast and multifaceted. Selecting the right loan necessitates a careful evaluation of individual needs and financial circumstances. Factors like interest rates, fees, lender reputation, and customer service are pivotal considerations when delving into this borrowing avenue.

It’s crucial to comprehend that while certain lenders might boast appealing rates or enticing terms, a broader perspective is essential. The Better Business Bureau ratings provide a snapshot, but they’re just one piece of the puzzle.

Wells Fargo’s checkered history serves as a cautionary tale, emphasizing the importance of researching a lender’s track record thoroughly.

Ultimately, choosing the best personal loan is a blend of examining tangible aspects like rates and fees, delving into the lender’s reputation and ethics, and considering subjective elements like borrower preferences regarding customer service and accessibility.

Guides, reviews, and methodologies aid in navigating the sea of options, providing structured insights. However, complementing this information with individual research, reviews, and personal assessment aligns with a more informed decision-making process.

In the realm of personal finance, meticulous research and thoughtful consideration pave the way toward securing a loan that suits individual financial goals and circumstances.

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