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Health insurance is contract that requires the insurer to pay some or all of a person’s health care costs in exchange for premium. It can reimburse the insured for expenses incurred from illness and injury or even pay a service provider directly.

One important thing to note in health protection policy is that most times the insurance company list out designated health service providers that the insured will work with.

In other words, the insured does not have the liberty to choose any health care service of their choice but if it eventually happens, the health insured will pay a higher percentage or might end up losing the benefits completely. 

Everyone needs health insurance, because most times health challenges come unannounced but with health insurance one can be able offset medical bills with less stress. The benefit of this kind of life insurance consists of the right to certain medical services or reimbursement to the insured for specified medical costs.

This kid of insurance system is organized and administered by an insurance company or other private agencies with the provisions specified in a contract is known as private health insurance.

It is usually financed on a group basis. But most plans still provide for individual’s polices.

How Does Work?

Here, it basically helps to lower the higher amount you will rather pay for your medical care, his way health insurance works varies. It can be in form of premium, deductibles, and preventive care.

Preventive care covers 100 percent of your medical care services, things like vaccinations; flu shot and annual check-up are all inclusive in preventive care.

Health insurance can also come extra no-cost programmes and services such as incentives programmes, discounts e.t.c in such cases you can earn cash awards and prizes for completing healthy activities.

It covers medical care and services such as emergency care, vision and hearing, behavioral health and others. Your plan and the premium you pay is dependent on a number of factors,   such as meeting with the deductibles, getting care from in-network providers and facilities, all this will be put into consideration.

How Can One Afford A Health Insurance?

For a private kind of health insurance, after one must have undergone all the registration processes. The person will start making a monthly payment known as premium, one good thing about this kind health coverage policy is that it covers a very wide range of heterogeneous individuals with varying levels of income each health plan has its own distinctive features and it is made this way so that it can accommodate a larger number of individuals who might want to get a health coverage policy.

On the other hand individuals may not be capable financially can in getting a  private health insurance can make do with the ones made available by the government such Medicare and Medicaid.

Cost Sharing In Health Protection

Cost sharing in health insurance simply put, is the idea that explains the insured needs to pay a certain amount of money for their health cost before the insurance company begins to pick up its share of the bill. The individual is expected to pay unto 20% of the bill while the insurance company pays 80%.

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Health Insurance As A Win-Win Game

One of the most frequent question individuals as in regards to health insurance coverage is the question of ‘What if they don’t fall sick within the slated period of time?

It is very important to note that, there are lots of insurance benefits to enjoy and those benefits do not only come when one is in a critical health condition.

Some of the benefits include routine checkups, vaccinations, immunizations, medical advice e.t.c all these are geared towards ensuring that one’s life is running smoothly health wise.

In addition to this peace of mind that health insurance gives cannot be over emphasized, if by perchance one falls sick the person will not be bothered by the expenses that might be incurred from getting health services, having in mind that they have a particular money saved up solely for health purposes.

Other persons in your family can also benefit in your health plan coverage provided their names were captured during the documentation process. Conclusively an individual who on a health care insurance coverage has nothing to lose.


There are basically two types of health insurance, namely;

1. Private-run health insurance

2. Government- run health insurance


In Government-run, there is what is known as Medicaid and Medicare.

Medicaid is a health care support system in which the government helps to take care of the medical cost of poor people in the society, low income earners and this support is usually for persons of all ages.

Why Medicare on the other hand, is when the government of aged person or people with disabilities, person that are 60 years of age and above can enjoy this privilege as well as disabled persons in the society.


This is the kind of health insurance coverage that one gets from their employer or even when the individual is self employed the person can easily get one for Him or herself.

The major difference between the two types of health insurance is that, while in the private own the insured gets to pay premium in the government own no premium is collected.

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If one unexpectedly falls sick or has a health challenge, health insurance can help the person to offset medical bills that ordinarily cannot pay on his own, it usually plays a crucial role in helping to cover cost.

Most health care services are usually cost intensive and can sap all the money one has gathered over a long period of time within seconds, a sick person would first of all have to go for a lab test, scan, consult a medical practitioner, drugs surgery, depending on how serious and life threatening the case is.

All these put together can outweigh an individual leaving such an individual to anguish in pain and agony but with health insurance policy such individual can navigate through all these process without having any fear of running into bankruptcy.

However, health insurance does not cover things like cosmetic surgery, weight loss surgery, unapproved medical care and vein surgery. Those health care services that are not necessarily prescribed by the by the health care provider.


The benefits of health consist of the right to certain medical services or reimbursement to the insured for specified medical cost. Other benefits include;

  1. Zero cost for preventive care
  2. Coverage of unexpected costly medical care
  3. Lower cost for health care services


Premium: This is the monthly payment that an insured pays an insurance company; this is what is used in purchasing the coverage.

Deductible: This is the amount that the insured must pay out of his own pocket before the health insurer pays its share.

Co-Payment: This is the amount that the insured person must pay out of pocket before the health insurer pays for a particular visit or service.

Coinsurance: This is a percentage of total cost that an insured person must also pay, it can be a 20% / 80% percent sharing.

Exclusions: The insured are generally expected to pay the full cost of non-covered services out of their own pocket.

Coverage Limit: This is a limit where the insurance company stops paying for the health services of van insured person, some insurers will state clearly how much it will spend yearly on an insured individual, and when the treatment exceeds the amount the insured is expected to take responsibility of all the payment.

Formulary: This is the list of drugs that the insurance plan agrees to cover.

Explanation Benefit: This is a document that might be sent by the insurer to a patient explaining what was covered for a medical service and how payment and patient’s responsibility amount were determined.

Conclusively, health insurance is very important and it is advisable for you to know how a health plan works, having in mind that health challenges can come up at any time and with health insurance by the corner you can have relaxation and peace of mind.

Why Should You Buy This Type Of Insurance Online?

Comfort in purchasing as well as a wide assortment of Health Insurance plans online is significant reasons behind why the vast majority lean toward purchasing Health care coverage plans online.

Made sense of beneath are a few additional reasons why you should try buying Health Coverage online.

Efficient – Purchasing medical Insurance plans online assists you with saving time as it involves no insurance specialist whom you need to explain your necessities as well, or request ideas.

Here, all you need to do is simply fill a statement and waitlist the most pertinent Medical Health care coverage policy from the ones showed on your screen.

Simple to Contrast Different Health care coverage Plans: – Here, with a help of a Health care insurance calculator, it turns out not to be difficult to work out premium as well as analyze different Health Insurance plans. Additionally, it is not difficult to think about policies online as it offers a worked on method for doing as such as opposed to doing it on paper.

Ideal Choice – While purchasing health care coverage plans on the web, you have total adaptability to pick the most appropriate one for you as well as your loved ones. You approach all the data like the policy quotes, Insurance advantages, rejections, and different agreements. You should just study the best suitable to what you want.

Data Accessible 24/7 – You can purchase a health care coverage policy whenever. There is no time cutoff to purchase Insurance plans online on gateway like InsuranceDekho

Limits – Numerous Health care Insurance organizations offer you discounts assuming you purchase their health care coverage plans on the web. This assists you with profiting of comparable or better benefits at similarly reasonable expenses.

Moment Coverage – Online acquisition of Health care coverage plans provides you with instant investment verification, which makes your insurance active from prompt effect.

Additionally, adaptable methods of premium installment are accessible while purchasing medical coverage plans on the web. You can pick the mode whenever it might suit you and pay the premium through a got installment gateway.

To guarantee a smooth medical Health coverage purchasing process, then, at that point, you must pick a presumed insurance agency that offers you enough data about the health care Insurance plan bought.                

How To File A Health Insurance Claims?

The Claim under a health care Insurance policy can be done in two ways – in a Cashless Manner and in a repayment manner.

A Cashless manner is the point at which you get treatment at an organization emergency clinic of the insurance supplier who is servicing your contract or policy.

Assuming the Claim demand is acknowledged, the insurance agency straightforwardly settles the bills at the medical clinic. While in repayment claims, you are expected to take care of the emergency hospital bill from your own pocket first, and make a Claim request with the insurance agency later.

The insurance agency will deal with your Claim and repay you for the equivalent subsequent after accepting the case. You can make a medical Insurance Claim by following the straight below steps.

1: Visit the organization clinic or your preferred emergency hospital and inform the insurance agency about the hospitalization.

2: Fill the pre-approval form at the clinic’s TPA (third-party administrator) work area.

3: You will get an endorsement letter by the Claim supervisory team.

4: Answer the inquiry raised by the case supervisory team, if any.

5: Avail the necessary clinical treatment. 6: The insurance agency will settle the bills at the organization emergency clinic according to the agreements referenced in your arrangement with

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