Kohls Credit Card
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Kohl’s Credit Card: If you’ve ever entered a retail clothing store, you’ve likely been enticed to sign up for their store credit card or charge card. While these cards often have benefits, they may also have high fees or restrictions.

The Kohl’s Charge Card, tailored for Kohl’s customers, offers cash back, monthly free shipping, and other discounts. In this Kohl’s Charge Card review, we’ll evaluate its merits and whether it’s a valuable addition to your wallet.

Welcome Bonus: Upon approval for your Kohl’s Card, you’ll receive a 35% discount on your first purchase within 14 days.

TIME’s Insight

The Kohl’s Charge Card offers a compelling 7.5% cash back on every purchase and a 35% discount on your initial purchase. While this is appealing, simply signing up for Kohl’s Rewards can earn you 5% cash back.

Despite the extra perks, the high APR associated with the Kohl’s Charge Card may make it less suitable for all but the most loyal Kohl’s customers.

Who Is the Card For?

The Kohl’s Card is ideal for frequent Kohl’s shoppers, granting them exclusive discounts, special offers, and promotions. It is most suitable for those who can consistently pay off their monthly balances, as its variable 30.74% APR makes carrying a balance costly.

In some instances, this card may also aid in building credit, as its use is limited to Kohl’s stores, making it more challenging to accumulate a large balance. If you make modest purchases and clear your balance monthly, it could positively impact your credit score.

The suitability of this card depends on your financial situation, spending habits, and objectives, but it generally serves best those who can maximize its benefits.

Kohl’s Charge Card Review Summary: Pros & Cons


  • High cashback rate on in-store purchases.
  • Potential to stack Kohl’s Card discounts with Kohl’s Cash.
  • There are no membership fees.


  • Limited to use within Kohl’s stores.
  • High regular APR.
  • Redemption only occurs on specific dates.

Benefits and Perks

The Kohl’s Card, issued by Capital One, offers several benefits, but it lacks the substantial perks of other Capital One cards. Cardholders enjoy exclusive monthly deals and an annual anniversary offer.

After spending $600 on your Kohl’s Card in a calendar year, you attain Most Valued Customer (MVC) status, entitling you to occasional free shipping. For those who sometimes misplace their receipts, Kohl’s Card purchases can be returned without a receipt.

How To Earn And Redeem Kohl’s Cash

Earning: The Kohl’s Card earns rewards at the following rates:

  • 7.5% in Kohl’s Cash on Kohl’s purchases

While a 7.5% return sounds appealing, it’s important to note that Kohl’s Rewards members already earn 5% in rewards. As a result, Kohl’s Cardholders effectively earn an additional 2.5% in rewards.

Certain items and brands, such as gift cards and Sephora products, do not qualify for earning Kohl’s Cash.

Redeeming: Kohl’s Cash essentially functions as a coupon and cannot be converted to a statement credit or cash. For example, if you possess $10 in Kohl’s Cash, it provides a $10 discount on your next purchase.

Kohl’s Cash is applied to purchases before other discounts, which can impact the value of special offers cardholders receive. If you have a $100 purchase and wish to apply a 20% off coupon, that’s a $20 discount.

However, if you first utilize $50 in Kohl’s Cash, the 20% discount applies to the remaining $50, reducing the discount to $10. Consequently, Kohl’s Cash and Kohl’s Card offers do not stack but work against each other.

Kohl’s Cash has some restrictions regarding what it can be used for. It cannot be redeemed for specific purchases, including Sephora products, gift cards, shipping, and Kohl’s Cares charitable merchandise.

Rates and Fees: The Kohl’s Card has no annual fee but carries a variable APR of 30.99%. Late payments and returned payments may incur fees of up to $40.

Kohl’s Card Alternatives

While the Kohl’s Card is a store credit card that can only be used at Kohl’s, there are alternative credit cards that offer a comparable level of return without the concern of monthly rewards expiration.

One alternative is the Alliant Cashback Visa® Signature Credit Card, which provides 2.5% cash back on the first $10,000 in eligible purchases per billing cycle and 1.5% back on all other purchases. This cash-back card offers greater flexibility and can be used anywhere Visa cards are accepted.

However, to earn the elevated 2.5% back, you must qualify for Alliant’s Tier One Rewards, which requires specific criteria and membership with Alliant. This credit union card offers extended warranty protection and travel accident insurance.

Rewards Structure

The Kohl’s Charge Card has a straightforward rewards structure. As a card member, you can earn the following benefits:

  • 7.5% cash back on every purchase.
  • 35% off on your first purchase within 14 days of card approval.
  • $10 for every $50 spent during Kohl’s Cash earn periods.
  • Extra savings coupons.
  • Receipt-free returns on purchases.
  • Monthly free shipping opportunities.

You can also combine Kohl’s Card benefits with Kohl’s Cash during earning periods, enabling you to maximize your savings during special offers and promotions.

Additional Hidden Perks

The Kohl’s Charge Card may also come with hidden perks, typically tied to limited-time promotions. These perks could encompass the following:

  • Exclusive discounts include percentage discounts on purchases or flat dollar-amount discounts on specific items or categories.
  • Special anniversary offers or discounts for card members.
  • Bonus rewards or incentives for specific spending categories or items, including additional discounts, extra Kohl’s Cash, or other rewards.

These hidden perks are often part of time-limited offers, so be on the lookout for mailers containing information about exclusive discounts and promotions.

What Could Be Improved?

The most glaring area for improvement with the Kohl’s Charge Card is its limited utility. It can solely be utilized in Kohl’s stores, rendering it inapplicable outside of Kohl’s brick-and-mortar locations or Kohl’s.com.

Furthermore, redeeming Kohl’s Cash is also confined to specific redemption periods indicated on the Kohl’s Cash Coupon or in post-purchase emails. As a result, the window for redeeming Kohl’s Cash is often brief.

This card lacks the broader benefits commonly offered by other credit cards, such as the flexibility to transfer rewards to travel partners. While it does provide a 35% welcome offer on your initial purchase, it may not be as lucrative as other welcome offers unless you make substantial expenditures.

To match the value of a $200 welcome offer on another card, you’d need to spend around $571 or more.

High APR: The card features a high regular APR of 30.74%, which can lead to costly interest charges for cardholders carrying a balance. It would be more favorable to see an APR aligned with the alternatives discussed in the following section.

Comparing Alternatives to Kohl’s Charge Card

CardBest forRegular APRAnnual FeeMinimum Credit Score
Kohl’s Charge CardKohl’s customers30.74% (variable)$0640
Flexible cash back
Costco customers and individuals with high gas, EV charging, and dining expenses
Flat-rate Cashback

Bottom Line

The Kohl’s Charge Card offers 7.5% cash back on all purchases, a 35% discount on your initial purchase, and various promotions and discounts. However, its high APR and exclusivity to Kohl’s stores limit its appeal. Additionally, it lacks certain benefits, such as free shipping.

While this card may be suitable for dedicated Kohl’s customers, more well-rounded alternatives are available. For most individuals, one of the more versatile alternatives listed above is likely a more logical choice.

The Kohl’s Card is a store credit card that restricts the earning and redemption of rewards at Kohl’s. However, there are alternative credit cards that offer comparable rewards while providing significantly more flexibility.

Even without a Kohl’s card, you can still enroll in Kohl’s Rewards and earn 5% in rewards on your Kohl’s purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I apply for the Kohl’s Credit Card?
To apply for Kohl’s Credit
card, visit Kohl’s website. You can also utilize the website to check if you pre-qualify for the card.

What credit score do you need for the Kohl’s Credit Card?
Kohl’s doesn’t specify a particular credit score requirement, as credit card issuers consider multiple factors for creditworthiness. Nonetheless, having at least fair credit is advisable to enhance your approval chances.

How can I qualify for Kohl’s Credit Card pre-approval?
Kohl’s allows anyone interested to pre-qualify directly on their website. It’s important to note that pre-qualification won’t impact your credit score.

Where can I check my Kohl’s Credit Card application status?
Kohl’s does not offer an online tool to inquire about your application status. However, you can verify your status by contacting them at (800) 564-5740.

How do I make Kohl’s Credit Card payment?
You have several options to make a payment for your Kohl’s Credit Card. Payments can be made through the Kohl’s website or app, over the phone, via mail, or in-store.

What is the customer service phone number for Kohl’s Credit Card?
You can reach the customer service department for Kohl’s Credit Card at (800) 564-5740.

How much is the starting Kohl’s Credit Card credit limit?
Kohl’s doesn’t explicitly specify the minimum credit limit. Reports suggest that the initial credit limit typically begins at around $300.

How do I check my Kohl’s Credit Card balance?
To check your Kohl’s Credit Card balance, log in to My Kohl’s Card. Once logged in, you can view your account information, transactions, payments, and more.

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